Staff 2023

Principal – Mrs Jacqueline Hollingworth

Class Teachers

Class 7 - Robyn Miller and Sam Vinton-Boot

Class 5/6 - Ashley Schipp and Jess Lister

Class 4 – Lisa Dowden-Parker and Michelle Ryan

Class 3 - Bree de Koning

Class 1/2 - Sarah Moriarty

Specialist Subject Teachers

Biodynamic Gardening – Matthew Bracknell and Neal Collins

Bush School – Bruce Anthony

LOTE Indonesian – Ashley Schipp

Woodwork – Gill Irvine

Learning Support – Jess Lister & Jewels Auburn

Handwork Teacher - Jewels Auburn

Early Childhood

Karri Kindergarten – Sandy Price

Bush Kindy – Bruce Anthony

Kindy DOTT – Bruce Anthony

Education Assistants

Sophia Sharpe

Clare Jones

Jewels Auburn

Marnie Armstrong

Pamela Grimes

Brooke Eddy

Playgroup Leader

Laura Egan

Administration Staff

Principal – Jacqui Hollingworth

School Co-ordinator - Robyn Miller

Student Wellbeing - Lesley Wybenga

Bursar – Oona Mansour

Administration and Enrolment Officer – Jody Hartfield

Administration and Marketing - Rebekah Henderson